Welcome to the Dirt Drag Racing Association

The beginning of Dirt Drag Racing Association

June 9, 2004

Since the invention of automobiles, car racing has been part of the American bloodline. Starting with bootleggers during the 1930s prohibition, Sunday afternoon racing has been a part of the American way as much as baseball, apple pie, and oh yes, Chevrolet.

By 1947, Bill France realized it was time for a national sanctioning body to govern stock car racing. On December 12th of that year he gathered promoters from the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest to the Streamline Inn at Daytona.

Over the next three days rules were drawn and specifications agreed upon. The name of the organization would be known as NASCAR- the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.

Today NASCAR boast of more than 32 million fans through it's gates according to Turnstile Tracker with another 75 million television viewers.

Following Bill France's blueprint, David McMillin and nine others have joined to form an association for the family-oriented, rapidly growing, dirt drag racing. On April 9, 2004, the Dirt Drag Racing Association (DDRA) was officially born.

Much like the Bill France lead group, the DDRA has drawn up rules and regulations for their association which will feature a 6-8 city circuit. With established rules and regulations, guaranteed purses, points standings, and bonuses, the DDRA has established its self as the leader in organized dirt drag racing.

Having a large, working membership sharing the vision and promoting the association's goals will allow for rapid growth and additional funding.

It is the DDRA's goal to fulfill each member's dream of having a stable and family-oriented race environment which will allow them to compete on a fair and consistent basis.
With the same group overseeing the site and construction each time, racers will enjoy a never-before-seen level playing field with an unmatched consistency at each race venue despite the location.

Add to this a well-orchestrated ticket stand, concessions, restrooms, judges, event marshals, security, with established rules and regulations, and you have the makings of mini-NASCAR for the dirt drag racing enthusiasts.

More than ever families and individuals love the fast pace, quick changes, and large crowds that make dirt drag racing fun for everyone.