4.20 Breakout Rules

1. Heads up racing (Lapsed time maximum 4.2; any faster times will have to go back to a 200' track)

2. Any cubic inch limit on motor

3. Cuts and paddles allowed

4. All safety rules apply including requiring a neck brace

5. Chain drives allowed

6. 300 Shot Nitrous Allowed

7. NO blowers

8. No Nitro Mehtane

9. One naturally aspirated carburetor, either alcohol or gas

10. 2wd or 4wd allowed

11. Any drive train allowed

12. 3 link, 4 link and latter bars allowed

13. Coil over springs allowed

14. No weight limit

15. No chain drive steering

16. No lockers in front end

17. Good working brakes mandatory

18. Transmission shield recommended

19. Driveshaft loops required

20. Roll cage must be built over driver (example: Pro Stock cage)

21. Single distributor

22. Air or electric shifter allowed

23. Double elimination

24. No drinking while driving