Dirt Drag Racing Association Points System

Here's how it works

Updated Thursday, March 11, 2010

All DDRA member drivers will receive one (1) point for participating in a DDRA Sanctioned Dirt Drag or Arm Drop side-by-side event.

If you are not a current member of the DDRA you will not qualify for points or added money on our pay scale. You can sill run in the race but if you place 1st-3rd your payout will be based on the 100% entry fee paid only.

Additionally, 1st place winners receive five (5) points; 2nd place four (4); 3rd place three (3); 4th place two (2) and 5th place one (1).

At the end of the racing season, total point winners in each DDRA sanctioned class, will receive a GOLD CARD. This CARD will allow them FREE entry to all DDRA sanctioned races in their winning class the following racing season.

At the end of the year, DDRA total point winners will receive plaques 1st through 3rd places in all classes.

These GOLD CARDS and trophies will be awarded at the year end banquet.

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