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Large crowds, lots of trucks at Memorial Day weekend

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 - David W. Ryan

The double header race weekend of May 29 and 30 proved to be the largest in the two year old history of the Louisiana Off Road Race Park. Park co-owner David McMillin said the two day totals topped more than 2,000 paying fans and more than 150 racing trucks.

"It was a great weekend with big crowds and some great racing," McMillin noted. "We had more than 90 trucks competing in the sanctioned Dirt Drag Racing Association (DDRA) event and we only expect it to get bigger and better."

On Sunday the American Mud Racing Association (AMRA) hosted their sanctioned mud races and the turnout was equally impressive and fast.

"The mud track was really fast," said another co-owner of the Park, Austin Butler. "Down the front stretch they were getting up to 55-60 miles per hours and that's flying in the mud."

With such large crowds both days there were a lot of newcomers who had never seen the sport up close like Clayton Ferguson's five year old son, Landon.

"He's never been to anything like this," Ferguson said while the duo from Vidalia watched the hot passes of the big boys who were pushing 90 miles per hour in 300' of track. "He's been going 90 to nothing too, since we got here."

Landon, why keeping his energy level up chewing on an apple spoke up: "I like it. I like to watch the trucks go fast."

The youngster even picked out his favorite as a loud green Chevy sped across the finish line. But it was short lived as the next truck; a black bronco broke his conversation as it roared by during the interview. And the process continued...

Not only were there lots of new fan faces at the mud races Sunday, several new drivers debuted including Bryan Naquin of Hessmer who joined the AMRA that day.

After his class ran Naquin joined with his family under their tent along the race track admitted: "I got a little nervous and couldn't shift my gears right. But for my first time I am okay with it. I really enjoy this and I will get better."

The family chimed in with the enjoyment of the races. Both of Naquin’s children Alexis, 10, and Nick, 8, both said they enjoyed the noise of the trucks as they zoomed by. But Nick put everything in perspective at the track. "I like the mud."


The Dirt Drag Racing Association's (DDRA) next sanctioned points race will be this weekend, June the 12th at the Bayou Cajun Race Track in Marksville, La.

Registration starts at 10 AM.

Stock ET heat races will start at 12 noon with Pro ET hot passes at 1:30 PM and heat races starting at 2 PM. All other classes need to be registered by 4 PM when registration will be closed. All other classes will start at 5 PM.

This race is a sanctioned DDRA points race and will follow all rules, classes, and regulations with DDRA payouts plus trophies.

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Five year old Landon Ferguson (with his dad, Clayton), keeps his energy level up chewing on an apple but had to say: "I like it. I like to watch the trucks go fast."
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How does that Chinese proverb go? The family that gets this muddy together sees each other naked before they get into the house.
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Barry Wood's Screamin' Eagle captured 1st Place in the Super Stock Class.